Our mission is to help our clients acquire more, higher-value customers through improved in-field selling and marketing.​

From concept...

...to reality

We achieve our mission through the extensive use of technology, highly-refined promotional tactics and the real-time application of marketing and data sciences.

Endo’s effective use of technology such as touchscreen tablet computers to replace or augment event staff ensures the delivery of a more relevant and accurate marketing message to participants, while reducing costs and increasing program measurement. Endo programs strike an effective balance between manual components and technology, continually improving program performance.

With highly-refined promotional tactics including fun gamification, exciting contests, gifts, and coupons, Endo increases participation and improves the overall participant experience. Engaging participants across multiple venues such as retail stores, airports, shows, and campuses, Endo’s proven tactics deliver on program objectives by increasing the velocity of program participation.

Endo’s real-time application of marketing and data sciences – behavioral psychology, direct marketing, and decisioning science – drives the acquisition of higher-value customers.

Successful results proven across millions of participant interactions and hundreds of thousands of event days continually strengthen Endo methodologies and technologies, delivering optimum program performance.