20 years of Endo innovation

For better results

Portable event network

  • Cloud-based for reduced on-site technology, reduced support, immediate reporting and rapid change management, and easier connectivity to client and third-party systems
  • Battery-powered with hot-swap for unlimited
  • operation without power connection
  • Easily and inexpensively customizable
  • Deploys in minutes
  • Modular to support 1 to 100+ simultaneous interactions
  • Deploy in the best location to generate the most interactions
  • Move to match actual customer traffic flows minute-by-minute
  • Network receiver/transmitter can be located separately from the touchscreens for optimal signal strength
  • Extremely rugged
  • Supports a wide variety of peripherals

Cloud Network Operating Center

  • Network Operating Center with ZenDesk help desk software
  • Receives system level performance data and alerts to proactively ensure optimal network performance
  • Receives participant performance data and alerts to ensure best experience
  • Receives rep performance data and alerts to proactively ensure optimal rep performance, including direct intervention with rep via smartphone
Consumers using touchscreen tablets

Event traffic tracking

  • Allows us to remotely estimate quantity of people passing by the event intercept area in real-time by tracking unique smartphones passing nearby the event, and dwell time
  • Compare to touchscreen starts in real-time to determine how well the event staff are doing at converting passersby to participants
  • Data feeds into EndoPerform
  • Data drives alerts into EndoNOC
  • Data helps allocate appropriate resources for future programs
  • Data can be used as a value-add for host location

User interface design

  • Documented best practices of user interface design for optimal balance of results and great participant experience
  • Refined over more than 20,000,000 interactions and thousands of programs for a wide variety of products, services and venues

Best prospect predictor

  • Utilizes participant postal code compared to aggregated TransUnion and Endo data for that postal code to predict a variety of participant attributes including income, credit-worthiness, household size and more, to return a predictive score on value of participant as it relates to client offering
  • Allows us to adjust intercept in real-time to spend more or less time with participants based on their score
  • Data feeds into EndoSIR

Consumer entering the playcode

Sales Intensity Recommender

  • Visual, on-screen cues provided to reps on how much intensity to put into engaging each individual participant
  • Cues and scores determined by EndoTarget and client data
  • Significantly improves intercept efficacy and incidence of desired results

Rep compensation module

  • Allows pooled team bonus compensation or individual bonus compensation
  • Adjustable base salary and bonus
  • Allows multiple rep roles
  • Integrated with ADP payroll processing

Remote dialogue recording and archival

  • Similar to call centers - “This intercept is recorded for quality enhancement purposes”
  • Consent captured from participant during the touchscreen process
  • Records, catalogues and archives dialogue between rep and participant, indexed to major stages in the touchscreen process
  • Encourages rep compliance, helps with training, and helps address participant escalations/complaints

Past participant database

  • 20,000,000 + tracked participant interactions tied to extensive individual profile data, result, venue, and used to improve subsequent interactions with similar participant profiles

Participant experience measure

  • Immediate follow-up email request to complete a 3 question, 60 second online participant experience survey
  • Measures overall experience, event neatness, staff professionalism and captures optional feedback and suggestions
  • Data feeds into EndoPerform
  • Data drives alerts into EndoNOC

Endo Networks trade show booth

Remote performance management tool

  • Hourly email to event staff via Endo rugged smartphones containing relevant performance statistics for the last hour and cumulative for the day
  • Includes traffic conversion rate, sales close rate, customer experience and any other relevant KPIs
  • Compares individual event staff to their targets and competitive set
  • Quick links to small nuggets of training refresher content tied to specific improvement areas
  • Encourages optimal performance and reduces performance peaks and valleys

Real-time direct-to-event staff communication tool

  • Connects remote Endo auditor/field support manager directly with specific event staff member through their tablet computer to provide coaching tips, compliance messages, warnings and program updates
  • Tracks read and acknowledgement
  • Can lock-out an event staff member from tablet functionality and trigger a call to Endo
  • Maintains a log of all communications and warnings for each staff member