Flexible, rugged and secure

Endo’s tablet solution is uniquely suited to in-field selling and marketing

Full configuration Endo tablet on a rolling stand with a topper sign

Handheld configuration Handheld Endo tablet


  • Battery-operated with unlimited operation through hot-swap battery system
  • Wireless internet for full flexibility of deployment
  • Supports various different stand configurations, networking types, peripherals such as printers, and customized branding


  • Enclosure protects tablet from drops, shocks and environment


  • Physical connections on tablet computer are locked within enclosure to restrict access

Easy to transport

  • Modular for easy transport
  • Custom travel cases

Easy to set up and operate

  • Requires no special technical skill


  • Doesn’t look like a “clip board”
  • Custom-branded and fun, engages participant in a better experience with your brand

No wires, deploy when and where you want, with virtually unlimited operation

Endo tablet stand parts

Endo tablet options
Endo tablet stand set